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World finest product for the environment responsible road construction and soil stabilization.

ECOROADS® is a multi-enzyme road base construction and soil stabilization product that helps increase the strength, density and durability of roads and road bases efficiently and inexpensively. Its multi-enzyme formula works to change the properties of the soil

• Proven technology with over ten years of lab and field tests.
• Reduces road building costs up to 40%.
• Decreases road maintenance costs up to 60%.
• Designed for public, private, mining, agricultural roads.

• Completely eco-friendly, natural based non-toxic formula.
• No special equipment required for application procedures.

Developed and proven through years of field testing ECOROADS® is non-caustic, non-corrosive, non-combustible and biodegradable, making it safe to store, transport and use.

® is the product of several years of research and development by a team of scientists, engineers and road construction professionals from USA and Europe of both the biological and lab-engineered components of
®. Now, we proudly offer a biomass-based, ecologically responsible road construction and soil stabilization product that helps clients save money, simplify construction processes and reduce their environmental impact.

® is a proven, innovative multi-enzyme based soil stabilization product that increases the strength, density, and durability of roads, road bases and construction site foundations efficiently and economically.
® multi-enzyme based liquid formula hardens the local soil into a solid and durable road base to reduce or eliminate the aggregates needed.

1. ECOROADS® Is Cost-Effective
If 10%-35% cohesive fines (silts and clays) are present in a soil mix, ECOROADS® can be mixed directly with 6” of soil mix to create a strong and durable road base. By significantly reducing or eliminating the need for imported aggregate materials, ECOROADS® saves up to 40% on the cost of building a road. During construction of the road base ECOROADS® can stabilize and solidify local soil mix, increase soil strength, stability and durability, further reducing in some cases thickness for required asphalt or concreate topping layer.

2. Increases Soil Density and Load Bearing Capacity
ECOROADS®“cementation” action increases the soil bearing characteristics by promoting a quicker binding of soil particles. The application of ECOROADS® binds soil particles into a highly dense base, increasing strength and load bearing capacity (as measured by CBR, UCS and MR). The application of ECOROADS® creates road base with strong ability to resist the damaging effects of erosion and mechanical forces.

3. Reduces Maintenance and Labor
Secondary roads without an asphalt topping require frequent maintenance (up to 1-2 times per year). With ECOROADS®, maintenance can be reduced to as little as once every 3-5 years. Since there is no need to use imported aggregate materials, the cost and labor time of maintenance can be reduced by up to 60%.

4. Weather and Locale Compatible
ECOROADS® can be applied over a wide weather and locale range – from near freezing to hot summer, from rainy climate to dry desert, from mountain top to deepest mine.

5. ECOROADS® Is Easy
ECOROADS® is easy to apply and requires no special equipment or application procedures. Simply add the ECOROADS® liquid concentrate to water, apply with a sprayer truck, and mix into the soil by road grader or other available equipment, then compact treated soil. It can be used with reclaiming machines or applied with regular road building equipment.

6. Easy to handle and store
ECOROADS® is a non-toxic and non-corrosive liquid concentrate. ECOROADS® is sold in 5 gallon pails or 55 gallon drums. No special containment procedures, no special storage requirements and no special storage handling equipment are necessary. It does not irritate skin tissue and causes no rash or bum.

7.How ECOROADS® Is Applied
ECOROADS® is applied in four easy steps:
1. Grade or rip the road to a depth of 7-8″, place a graded material to the side in a windrow.
2. Add ECOROADS® to the water in a water truck and spray mixed solution onto the road base and windrow, as you would to bring soil to optimum moisture for compaction.
3. Mix treated soil with a tiller or mixing machine, or by grading the soil material back and forth across the road.
4. Place treated by ECOROADS® windrowed material back on the road  and then compact the road to required density making sure to crown the road for proper drainage.

After 72 hours from compaction you may open for traffic or cap the road with topping


As the world grows in population and becomes increasingly interconnected, infrastructure needs grow ever more. In developing countries, road networks have deteriorated and will require significant investments over the next several years. Many countries have a strong need to build out their transportation networks to connect growing cities, ports and villages.  

ECOROADS® helps accomplish this cost-effectively and save up to 40% in road building cost.


For ecologically sensitive projects that seek   environmentally safe product and processes to keep their projects green, ECOROADS® becomes an easy choice.  ECOROADS® is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, natural multi-enzyme product — no polycarbons , plastics or oil are used.

ECOROADS® usage profile allows for the use of simple equipment and in-situ soil, incomparably  reducing time, cost and environmental impact.


The most typical road problems are cracks, pot holes, and rutting. Caused by conditions on the top layer, a strong sub-base can mitigate these problems by slowing and reducing their spread. ECOROADS® strengthens the road bed and actually grows stronger over time. This mitigates damage below the road surface and ultimately reduces maintenance costs significantly.
ECOROADS® can significantly reduce road maintenance costs by up to 60%.


Energy, oil, gas and infrastructure companies are in a constant battle of cost reduction. They continuously have to build and maintain construction sites for new projects and thousands miles of service or connection roads in remote areas all over the world.
By significantly reducing or eliminating the need for imported aggregate material, ECOROADS® with in-situ soil and simple equipment can save up to 40% on the cost of building a secondary roads or fixing construction site territory without hard topping.


With several years of testing on mining roads all over the world the results and performance, shown by ECOROADS® have been stunning.
ECOROADS® provides the best value for sustainably performing eco-friendly product, that creates roads with ability to handle up to 15 tons per axel, with resistance to the abrasive action of traffic and dust prevention, reducing building cost by up to 40%.


Forest roads provide the most important means of accessing forests for timber harvesting, recreation, and hiking. They should be placed and maintained with extreme care to prevent any possible negative impact on soil or ecological balance.
For ecologically sensitive projects, ECOROADS® as a non-toxic, non-corrosive,
100%natural product that becomes the only choice
for keeping forests clean and healthy.


Regardless where and when a military initiative is to be conducted, ECOROADS® is perfectly suited to support any military tasks. Military operations may require fast building of undetectable roads, base camps, helicopter pads, and airstrips.

 ECOROADS® can convert local soil to road or hard base within 72 hours with minimum equipment involved and without the need for importing other road building materials, which eliminates additional trucking outside of a controlled area.


ECOROADS® has proven to be effective for many kinds of roads in projects around the globe from the freezing north to the hot and dry south climates, from rainy tropical forests to mountain tops, and from the deepest mines to the busiest cities. 

ECOROADS® has been used with various soil types and geological conditions and has been recognized with considerable success by road builders, general contractors and geotechnical consultants all over the world…

The trade name ECOROADS® is registered by TERRAFUSION INTERNATIONAL, INC. in USA , The European Union, most of both Americas countries, most African and former USSR countries.  We have been informed about efforts by unauthorized parties to sell similarly named soil stabilization products.  We want to caution all our potential customers of such efforts and to encourage their diligence in ensuring they are dealing with the proper corporate entity (TERRAFUSION INTERNATIONAL, INC.) and the genuine product.