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The basis for fertile soil

A plant for the production of vermicompost using animal extracts and waste from the food industry and for processing plant waste into organic biochar waste. Both technologies are unique and environmentally friendly. Thanks to these technologies, we can improve agricultural activities and make a significant contribution to supporting the production of environmentally friendly products.


We offer products for people who are interested in growing environmentally friendly products
Company product – organic fertilizer – moist compost
The company’s product is made on the basis of chicken manure. Fertilizers are in
widely used in agriculture, horticulture and vegetable growing and also found in the
Landscaping diverse application. The product is completely free of weed seeds, worm eggs,
harmful microflora and unpleasant smell. When used, it helps to create the structure
and stabilizing, restores fertility and protects the soil from destructive factors
– Erosion, leaching and waterlogging – and increases the ability to absorb moisture and nutrients
to save. Prevents the accumulation of radionuclides, heavy metals and pesticides. Increases the
Nutritional value of products and the immune system of plants. It can be missing in almost every season
Snow cover can be used and allows sowing immediately after application.
30-40% increase in yield