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The world has to be cleaner—
Our world!

Basis of our company (idea) development and implementation of scientific
Research to improve the ecosystem.


We make you a fully organic fertilizer for growing organic agricultural products carefully.


is a multi-enzyme road base construction and soil stabilization product that helps increase the strength, density and durability of roads and road bases efficiently and inexpensively. Its multi-enzyme formula works to change the properties of the soil and create a solid and durable permanent road base.

Completely eco-friendly, natural based non-toxic formula.

We have ready-made developments (projects) that are ready to start and require investment.


Biochar is a specially processed coal that is used in agriculture

Cooling systems

We have ready-made developments for energy-saving cooling without freon.

Silicon carbide

Appendix to
Production of
amorphous silicon dioxide,
Silicon carbide and
high-purity carbon.

Filtration equipment

– wastewater treatment.
– a unique system for air treatment on an industrial scale..


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